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SnapLogic, Mindtouch Team Up for CRM Tool

MindTouch, an open-source social enterprise collaboration platform provider, and SnapLogic, an SaaS integration company, have announced Deki for CRM.

Deki for CRM is built on MindTouch Deki Enterprise Server and the SnapLogic open source data integration framework and SnapLogic Solution Packs for SugarCRM and Salesforce.com. The solution provides sales and marketing users a dashboard of dynamic reports within their CRM application by pulling relevant data from a variety of backend applications and online Web services. Using Deki for CRM, users can create and collaborate on dynamic reports and mashups, accessing vital customer information in Salesforce.com and SugarCRM without the need for advanced SOAP Web services programming.

CRM systems have become essential for businesses, but users often require data from other applications and data sources in order to properly handle leads, manage large accounts, and coordinate a strategy to win new business. Deki for CRM creates a dynamic workflow as employees share expertise across the silos of the organization and strive for higher efficiency as independent systems are mashed up in a centralized space.

Deki for CRM offers a wiki-based collaborative interface to an industry-leading Web-oriented platform. It enables customer-centric collaboration using SnapLogic data pipelines from CRM applications such as SugarCRM and Salesforce.com, and other enterprise data sources such as external financial systems, product databases, and order processing systems.

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