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Trilibis Calls For Device-Aware Website Development

Web programming outfit Trilibis now aims to accelerate the development of "device-aware websites" with the launch of SNOW (Software eNabling One Web), HTML5-compliant server-side software that lets developers build websites that automatically optimize for any mobile device or browser.

Websites developed with SNOW are founded on a single codebase, promote proper URL structure by not requiring "m-dot" domains, and automatically adjust their layout and user experience to different devices. They also optimize load times for today's bandwidth-constrained smartphones and tablets.

"Companies want to develop a One Web experience for their online brand presence, but creating single-codebase websites that automatically optimize for today's multi-device world can require significant and costly customization," said Ted Verani, SVP of sales and marketing at Trilibis.

"SNOW enables web developers to build device-aware websites that load fast and deliver an excellent web experience for every visitor, no matter what handset or tablet they are using."

SNOW promises to deliver the benefits of responsive design across all devices — and further pledges to deliver excellent page-load performance by moving device optimization to the web server.

To enable device-specific experiences and content, developers add HTML5-compliant SNOW tags to a website's HTML, CSS, or UI template code. These tags specify if and how content, HTML code blocks, and styling should be displayed on a given device, OS, or browser. When a desktop or mobile browser requests a web page, the SNOW-powered web server post-processes the HTML and CSS code according to these device-designating tags, serving only the code appropriate for the requesting device, thereby decreasing the payload sent to the target browser and improving performance.

Developers should also able to control site features and layout to deliver a differentiated experience for mobile users.

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