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WebGUI CMS Updated

Plain Black has released Version 7.6 of WebGUI open-source content management system. Leading the list of new capabilities is an improved survey builder for building user surveys, and a new matrix application that helps site managers generate item/topic comparison charts that can be dynamically updated in real time.

Other improvements in WebGUI 7.6 include a new point-of-sale capability in the application's Shop area that provides cash register functions; a Web photo plug-in that allows users to directly upload photos to their Web site repository from an Apple iPhone; and a new Account Manager that supports the creation of customized social networking applications and Web sites. A number of fixes, usability enhancements and security upgrades have also been added.

  • Dynamic Charts, Surveys. Users can easily create multiple choice, rating scale, and open response questions, with results quickly tabulated for analysis. To make surveying more enjoyable for respondents, the engine reports progress and time remaining. Comparison charts can be designed for competitive product or feature matrixes, service comparisons, issue evaluations and more. The chart generator supports AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) for faster dynamic loading of chart information, and includes improved search capabilities for quick harvesting of data. The Matrix comparison charts have become famous in the content management world, as they power CMSMatrix.org, the internet's leading research site for content management products. CMS Matrix will be upgraded with the new Matrix application shortly.

  • On-Location Advantages. To make it possible to immediately upload photos to a WebGUI-powered site, Version 7.6 offers a plug-in for the Apple iPhone. Administrators no longer need to visit their Web site to add new photos; with a single click, photos can be placed into the Gallery for display on the Web. There is also a plug-in for Apple's ubiquitous iPhoto application for Mac, which allows uploading of entire albums of photos right from your computer. The new iPhoto capability also let users rotate photos, add captions, eliminate red eye, and otherwise manipulate the picture before uploading. Plain Black is currently preparing a plug-in for Google Picasa that will give Linux and Windows users the ability to directly upload to a WebGUI Gallery from their PCs.

  • Social Networking. WebGUI 7.6 includes a new pluggable Account Manager framework for customizing the account system. Via the framework, developers can quickly build social networking applications and Web sites; the interface is tabbed so that users can update profile settings, send and receive messages, manage purchases, view contributions made to the site and more. Because the framework is pluggable, developers can add new functionality to support custom apps, or turn off components that aren't appropriate to their site.

WebGUI is freely available for download at www.webgui.org,.

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