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Accusoft Pegasus Updates Imaging SDKs

Accusoft Pegasus, a developer of imaging SDKs, has updated its ImageGear for .NET v17 SDK. This release includes a comprehensive OCR (optical character recognition of machine-printed text) solution for .NET software development, and annotation support for ASP.NET development efforts. Support for Visual Studio 2010 is also included.

Accusoft Pegasus now licenses OCR support within ImageGear. A license for OCR includes character recognition in over 100 languages. It provides an auto-zoning feature that analyzes the structure of a page and automatically segments the image into zones. This powerful auto-zoning feature helps improve accuracy by automatically removing unrecognizable image content, and helps maintain table structure when processing documents. Zone-based recognition is also enabled so that software developers may perform different recognition processes on several areas of one document. This allows for spell-checking, dictionaries, or filters to be applied to the applicable sections of an image.

Also in this release, ImageGear introduces annotation support for ASP.NET development. This includes mark-ups such as rectangle, ellipse, line, text, and more. Users can interactively edit annotations within a zero footprint viewer.

At the same time, Accusoft Pegasus, announced updates to ImageGear for Silverlight v17. Customers using the current version of ImageGear will receive this update as a complimentary service pack. Because ImageGear for Silverlight is a fully-managed solution, all code runs on the client, enabling continued operation even when offline. It provides developers with high-level controls, featuring a fast display engine with sophisticated layout options and powerful image processing. Applications can enable collaboration between users with robust annotation support. Solutions can implement a single user interface that allows users to quickly view more than 100 image file types including raster files such as TIFF, JPEG and Camera RAW. ImageGear delivers powerful imaging technology for the latest version of Silverlight, enabling creation of high performance custom imaging applications.

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