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Apache Software Foundation Turns Ten

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is celebrating its tenth anniversary at ApacheCon Europe, its official user conference and expo, being held in Amsterdam this week.

Evolving from eight developers known as "the Apache Group" who created enhancements and managed the development of the original Apache Web server, The ASF today comprises nearly 300 individual members and over 2,000 committers collaborating across six continents through the ASF's meritocratic process known as "The Apache Way," which encourages collaborative, consensus-based development under an open software license.

Widely recognized for its technical excellence and community leadership, the Foundation supports the incubation and development of enterprise-grade, freely available software while minimizing potential legal exposure of intellectual property and financial contributions. Apache products benefit millions of Internet users worldwide, with thousands of software solutions available under the popular Apache License distributed in both Open Source and proprietary products.

The all-volunteer, nonprofit Foundation oversees more than sixty-five award-winning and diverse Open Source projects, including Ant, Jakarta, and the Apache HTTP Server -- the world's most popular web server software since its creation in 1994. In addition, the ASF is currently guiding 33 codebases in the Apache Incubator and 23 initiatives in the Apache Labs.

The ASF helps the Open Source community at-large through thousands of bug fixes and lines of code, hundreds of developer, user, and issue tracking mailing lists, as well as numerous community outreach and mentoring initiatives, such as the Google Summer of Code and Highly Open Participation Contest.

The Foundation's day-to-day operating expenses are offset by individual donations and corporate sponsors at various levels of contribution. As part of its 10th Anniversary, the ASF will be highlighting various projects, initiatives, individuals, and organizations from the Apache community throughout the year. The Foundation's ongoing celebrations will culminate at ApacheCon US, to be held November 2-6 in Oakland, California.

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