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App-DNA Intros Windows 7 Application Compatibility Testing

App-DNA has introduced AppTitude 4.0, an upgrade to the company's application compatibility testing tool that helps organizations learn where is the best place to run an application and why.

AppTitude 4.0 adds over 15 new and updated features, including a new reporting capability for Windows 7 application compatibility, extended support for Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications, and new support for using VMware to capture installation snapshots. AppTitude assists organizations by eliminating much of the manual testing involved in application assessments and OS migrations, such as Windows 7.

AppTitude 4.0 includes enhancements to several existing features plus newly-added functionality, including:

  • A new Windows 7 Report for AppTitude's Desktop Compatibility Manager module;
  • Extension of AppTitude's Production Manager to now support VMWare images. This means users can capture install snapshots using VMWare, in addition to the previously supported Virtual Server 2005.
  • Integration of AppTitude with the Windows PCA internal database that ships with Windows 7 and Windows Vista for improved reporting accuracy. AppTitude 4.0 recognizes the three PCA states within the OS: "automatic shim," in which the OS automatically configures the application to run; "soft block," in which the OS warns that the application may have minor problems but allows it to run; and "hard block," in which the OS prevents the application from running under it at all.
  • Newly-improved manifestations and remediations across all reports provide better documentation and detail on algorithms, offering improved usability;
  • New extended attribute import for .NET Framework-based applications provides the ability to determine .NET Framework dependencies in much greater detail. Now .NET Framework-based applications receive the same low-level analysis in AppTitude reports as Win32 apps.

"When testers can get the answers they need, it vastly reduces the time, cost and risks associated with deployment of OS migrations, software upgrades, virtualization and other changes. AppTitude 4.0 provides an even more powerful analytic dashboard for improving application management and supporting long-term planning," said App-DNA's Mike Welling.

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