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Developing iPad and Android Handwritten Input Apps

MyScript has announced its Smart Note "freemium" note-taking application that turns handwritten input into interactive content.

The company is calling out to software application programmers with its new product, saying that its MyScript Developer Program is a self-service web portal with developer toolkits, a forum for peer support and knowledge sharing, and additional resources such as documentation, videos, and webinars.

With Smart Note, users can use simple gestures to edit, such as swiping for vertical spacing. They can look up the words they write, either with OS dictionaries, Google, or Wikipedia. Users can also share their content with people in their address book contacts through e-mail, or into other apps like Evernote, Dropbox, or social media.

With MyScript Smart Note, users can write, draw, annotate, and insert pictures into notes. Words and sentences can be quickly moved, split, joined, and erased by simple gestures. Searching for a word or sentences across pages of notes or even notebooks is simple, allowing handwritten notes to be managed with the same ease as any digital document. Users can then interact with words they have written.

"MyScript Smart Note is the only note-taking application that turns handwriting into interactive content," said Denis Manceau, director of global product management, MyScript. "Our vision is to make handwriting the preferred way for users to interact with digital devices. We support developers and device manufacturers who share that vision and empower them to include this unique capability in their solutions."

MyScript Smart Note is available in over 50 languages on the App Store and Google Play. The freemium application includes one notebook (10 pages). Premium features allow users to create unlimited pages and notebooks, and share with popular cloud applications such as social media, email clients, Evernote, and Dropbox.

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