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Intel INDE Tool Suite Arrives

Intel has released a suite of tools for the development of native applications across architectures, operating systems, and IDEs.

Intel Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel INDE) is a productivity suite of C++ and Java tools and libraries that speed development of mobile and PC applications through code reuse and integrated workflow support.

Intel INDE enables creation of Windows applications on Intel Architecture and Android applications on ARM and Intel Architecture. Developers have the freedom to use Intel INDE within the IDE they prefer, including Microsoft Visual Studio, Google Android Studio, and Eclipse.

Intel INDE also provides developers access to advanced platform capabilities like media acceleration, context sensing, OpenCL 2.0, and threading libraries, with a selection of compilers, analyzers, and debugging tools. Intel INDE is available immediately in three editions: Starter, Professional, and Ultimate.

Context sensing is the ability for developers to create cross-platform context-aware experiences that understand the context of any action or event: built into an application is the ability to understand user preferences and anticipate behavior.

Intel's Jeff McVeigh, general manager of performance client and visual computing, commented, "Not only does Intel INDE make Android IDE setup a snap, but it will help you develop apps that run at native performance on each platform. And you don't have to spend months learning to optimize for the performance and power characteristics of each and every target device."

To target Windows platforms use an existing Visual Studio environment. For Android target systems, users have a choice of Android development IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Android Studio.

McVeigh comments further, "So if you've been developing for the Windows platform, the Android plugin for Visual Studio allows you to leverage your existing Windows development expertise over to the Android platform. Or if you're only developing for Android, Eclipse might make sense for you."

Debug Android apps from Visual Studio with the Intel INDE plugin, or use the Graphics Frame Debugger to debug your graphics apps on Android (both Intel x86 and limited ARM* devices).

Use System Analyzer to view key system metrics (CPU, GPU, and power utilization) to determine if your app is CPU-bound or GPU-bound, use Graphics Frame Analyzer to pinpoint graphics pipeline rendering issues, and use Platform Analyzer to visualize the interaction of your app's threads across the CPU cores and the GPU.

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