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On-Demand Commerce Toolkit Updated

IP Commerce, a software company that develops tools for on-demand access to commerce services, has released a new version of its Commerce Toolkit for Applications (formerly known as the "IPPF Secure Payments SDK"). The new version includes tutorial applications and usability enhancements to make application development more intuitive. The toolkit eliminates the need for .NET developers to build new connections to service providers everytime they develop a new payment application.

"Using Commerce Toolkit for Applications, we integrated bank card processing services with our point-of-sale application in less than three weeks and with no prior payment integration experience," said Martin Jaramillo, president of Buildernet Software. "The Toolkit also made bank card security requirements easier to navigate."

The security of commerce applications is becoming more regulated, and software companies are expected to bear the cost of developing applications that meet Visa's Payment Applications Best Practices (PABP) guidelines for card data security. Commerce Toolkit for Applications is designed to reduce the burden on software developers by providing a number of components that address the functional requirements necessary for PABP compliance including secure user authentication, data encryption, key management, and activity logging.

Toolkit features include:

  • Simple Integration to Service Providers: The Toolkit provides single-point certification and access to more than a dozen major bank card processors, several ACH providers and numerous stored value, and electronic check providers.
  • PABP Compliance: The Toolkit addresses stricter bank card security mandates that come in to effect this year. The Toolkit provides the fastest, most-effective route to Visa's PABP compliance by including best practice implementations of PABP recommendations.
  • Open New Sales Channels: Through the IP Commerce open Network of top-tier payment processors, acquiring banks, retailers, and value-added resellers, software companies can easily distribute their products to other members of the IP Commerce Network and explore new channel distribution opportunities while increasing their return on investment.

For more information or to download the free Commerce Toolkit for Applications, visit the IP Commerce website.

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