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RTX Real-Time Software Adds Support for Windows 7

IntervalZero Inc. announced the addition of Windows 7 support for its deterministic, hard real-time software products: RTX 2009 and RTX 2009 SMP, which includes support for symmetric multiprocessing.

"With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft made advances in gesture technology and improved performance on multicore processors. These are the kinds of innovations and improvements that our customers are demanding so it was a priority for us that RTX support Windows 7 as quickly as possible. It benefits our customers and creates additional opportunities in key markets," said IntervalZero CEO Jeffrey Hibbard. IntervalZero is primarily focused on the Industrial Automation, Medical Systems, Digital Audio Workstation, and Test and Measurement markets.

IntervalZero provides customers with options for SMP-supported and non-SMP versions.

  • RTX 2009 includes support for real-time operations on one shared or dedicated RTX processor in a uniprocessor or multiprocessor environment.
  • RTX 2009 SMP makes it possible to operate on one shared, or up to seven dedicated RTX processors in a multicore/multiprocessor environment. SMP support enables greater, more scalable system performance. Windows 7 support is for dedicated configuration.

Support of multiple real-time threads running concurrently on multiple processors in a single system allows end users to create more powerful solutions, while reducing hardware costs and physical footprint. Multiple cores can communicate directly with one another, eliminating the need for multiple single-board computers arranged in a bus communication design.

The following new features and updates are included:

  • Dedicated configuration support for Windows.7
  • Configurable priority inversion protocol.
  • Win32 Managed Code Support.
  • Support for Registry access within RTSS applications.
  • Visual Studio 2008 support.
  • Supports the use of PAE under all configurations.
  • Earlier boot start through the PNP Automatic start option.

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