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Telerik, Imaginet Resources Intro Free Developer Team Management Tools

Telerik has introduced TFS Work Item Manager (Beta) and TFS Project Dashboard (Beta), developer workload and resource management applications built with RadControls for WPF by Imaginet Resources. Following the lead of agile development methodologies, the free tools are designed to facilitate project progress visualization, reduce project overhead, and enhance accountability for development teams working with Microsoft's Team Foundation Server. Since the TFS Work Item Manager and TFS Project Dashboard have been used extensively internally at Telerik and Imaginet for over six months with great results, development teams can immediately utilize these tools and see the same benefits.

Based on Imaginet's expertise in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and influenced by Telerik internal development processes, TFS Work Item Manager is aimed to help teams be more agile in their day to day work. TFS Work Item Manager leverages the powerful capabilities of Microsoft's Team Foundation Server to help developers access and alter all their tasks in a visually appealing and user-friendly way. With this innovative and easy to use platform, teams will also enjoy improved collaboration resulting in less time needed for managing work items, reports, and cross-team efforts. In these lean times where development teams are being asked to do more with less, the TFS Work Item Manager helps free up more developer time to actually write code, not manage what they have to do.

TFS Project Dashboard assists the coordination of teams' responsibilities even further. This unique stand-alone console connects to Team Foundation Server and pulls workload data to be displayed as various widgets. The application shows all significant indicators in real time at a glance including build history, recent check-ins, assigned tasks, bug history, and more. The instant and accurate reports allow for improved accountability of personal tasks, workloads and release schedules. The TFS Project Dashboard increases team transparency and is designed to end the question from management of "what are we doing" or "who broke the build?"

"TFS Work Item Manager and TFS Project Dashboard are an excellent demonstration of how RadControls for WPF can be used to build key line of business applications in an efficient and effective manner," said Telerik's Vassil Terziev. "Furthermore, these applications are not just a showcase but ready-to-use tools that will aid developers in release schedule planning. Our development teams use the tools internally which also helped to built in them some of Telerik development best practices. We are happy to share yet another free productivity tool with the developer community."

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