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Visual Studio 2012 "Compatibility Crowd" Musters

With the Visual Studio 2012 release candidate now on public display, partnering technology providers are starting to follow Microsoft's post-beta coming out action with complimentary tools that are compliant with the new development environment.

Among the "compatibility crowd" is Telerik with its suite of productivity tools. Extending compatibility across "any" Microsoft platform and device appears to be the most prudent means of showing obeisance to Redmond's standards as decreed in the gospel according to .NET, so this is where Telerik positions its functionality.

Microsoft is rewarding Telerik's deference with warm corporate assurances to state that the firm is a "trusted resource" for professional developers. "Telerik's compatibility ensures developers save time and reduces the amount of code they must write to create and launch powerful, new applications," said Tom Lindeman, director of the Visual Studio Industry Program at Microsoft.

Far more telling are the words of Kunal Chowdhury, a professional, independent software engineer based in the Indian city of Puna. Chowdhury highlights the fact that Telerik is the first company to release a commercial control library for building Windows applications.

"[This enables] .NET developers to build mobile apps quickly using Visual Studio 2012. Telerik products are broadly adopted because they boast the largest collection of controls for all developers across Microsoft's modern platforms and devices," he said.

In addition to supporting Visual Studio 2012, Telerik's developer tools will remain integrated and fully compatible with all previous versions of Visual Studio.

Compatible Telerik Developer Tools for .NET products include:

Web UI Controls & Components
RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX
RadControls for Silverlight
Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC

Mobile UI Controls
RadControls for Windows 8
RadControls for Windows Phone

Desktop UI Controls & Components
RadControls for WPF
RadControls for WinForms

Visual Studio Productivity Plug-ins
JustDecompile (standalone, free tool; but compatible with the new .NET framework 4.5)
Sitefinity Thunder

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