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COBOL in the Big Data Era: A Guide

Date: Tuesday, October 1 2013
Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET
Duration 60 Minutes

Evaldo Oliveira, Business Development Director, FairCom Corporation
Frank Gauthier, Manager of Transaction Systems, PDMI, Inc.

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Although it is common to hear that COBOL is only part of the so-called "legacy environments," there are two reasons why COBOL should not be ignored by developers focusing on today's Big Data challenges. First, COBOL data is a critical source of information that can be mined by analytics. Second, COBOL has retained its dominance for so many years, in part, because of its excellent I/O performance.

Register to explore how COBOL has evolved to become a multiplatform language, and learn a way to make it more accessible for Big Data sourcing and integration with other environments.

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