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November 27, 2014

Embedded Goes to Shell

I converted the standard Linux shell (bash) into a specialized programming language that can control a serial I/O board.

November 24, 2014

Abstractions For Binary Search, Part 6: How On Earth Do You Test It?

We will reduce a substantial part of our problem to calling these two functions repeatedly with suitably chosen test cases and verifying that they return the same results.

November 18, 2014

In Command

Simple tools can be combined in many ways to do things

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Building Portable Games in C++

November 25, 2014

The cocos-2d-x open source framework can be used to build games, apps, and other interactive software in C++. Here's a hands-on guide to using it to write and port games. - C/C++

Debugging Mobile Apps with HTML5 and Intel XDK

November 25, 2014

Using the Intel XDK IDE to debug an app from an iPad, an iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices. - Mobile

5 Steps to Protect Mobile Apps from Attacks

November 25, 2014

Mobile apps are important gateways to malicious attacks, just like Web apps. It's high time to begin thinking about mobile security as a top development priority. Where to begin? - Security

Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with HTML5 and Intel XDK

November 18, 2014

Let the IDE do the heavy lifting. - Mobile

Program Configuration in Python

November 18, 2014

Despite numerous options for passing config data to a program, there is still a need for a utility to handle complex hierarchical configuration and locate config files on distributed system. Here is one. - Open Source

The Uncompromising Economics of Being #3 in Mobile Platforms

November 17, 2014

In software development, being the #3 platform in the mobile market is as good as being last. - Mobile

C# and .NET's Sudden Ubiquity

November 12, 2014

Microsoft ports .NET to Linux and Macintosh and open-sources the entire stack. - .NET

The Wearable Computing Revolution Begins: Building Android Wear Apps

November 12, 2014

A simple speech recognition example illustrates how to start creating wearable apps. - Design

Workflow Automation on Web Projects: One Team's Experience

November 12, 2014

Automating and aligning workflows makes new tasks simpler and enables team members to switch between different components easily. - Web Development

In Search of Agile Architecture

November 04, 2014

Despite years of refinement, Agile development still does not include architecture and design. - Design