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Altova Hits MissionKit Version 2011 Release 3

Altova announced the availability of Version 2011 Release 3 of MissionKit, its integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools. This release is built with new functionality for creating digital signatures for XML documents across multiple MissionKit tools, through support for XML Signature as defined by the W3C.

Other important new features include native support for mapping HIPAA 5010 transactions in the company's own MapForce product, a brand new PXF file format to enable Portable XML Forms in XMLSpy, StyleVision, and Authentic — all of which are ®-branded products.

"The huge increase in the digital exchange of data has been accompanied by increasing calls from our users to add support for embedded security features such as XML digital signatures to our tool suite. By adding support for XML Signature to several of our MissionKit tools, we've made it easy for users to both assign and verify digital signatures associated with XML-based file types," said Alexander Falk, president and CEO for Altova.

"We are also very excited to announce a new, revolutionary file format for sharing interactive Authentic eForms, which can be viewed and edited in the free Authentic Community Edition. The PXF is a first in the industry: a truly portable XML form that allows business users to easily update and share data in valid XML documents. We have plans to implement PXF here at Altova to facilitate business data exchange and look forward to hearing about solutions our customers implement with this powerful new functionality," added Falk.

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