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App-DNA Joins Citrix Desktop Transformation Gang

Application compatibility management company App-DNA has used its presence at the Citrix Synergy conference in Berlin, Germany, this week to become an ecosystem partner in the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model. This new partner ecosystem is designed to serve enterprises seeking to move from static desktop computing environments to user-centric on-demand desktop environments with desktop virtualization

Packaged with what appears to a fairly high-level IT management flavor, App-DNA's new Citrix-empowered app compatibility platform promises to allow software architects to assess their application environment and develop a desktop transformation plan accordingly.

Branded as AppTitude, the platform is built to accelerate the testing and remediation planning for applications that will be delivered via Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Windows 7, or server-based computing models. The company says that it will do this by delivering management decision information through application intelligence to drive budget, resource, and timeline plans.

The Citrix Desktop Transformation Model combines Citrix technologies including XenApp for on-demand application delivery and XenDesktop for desktop virtualization. Now with partner technologies like AppTitude for determining the most-efficient application delivery models, App-DNA clearly hopes it will fill a niche "automation combination" space in terms of application testing and application validation in the virtualization market.

"Because App-DNA’s core competency in application validation is an important technology enabling desktop transformation, the company is an ideal partner for Citrix in our approach to helping customers turn desktop computing into a flexible, on-demand service,” said Mick Hollison, vice president of desktop marketing, Desktop division at Citrix.

“App-DNA AppTitude is essential to quickly assess the impact of change, the optimal route for delivering applications to end users, and the path to take to achieve the goals through multiple technology options,” said Paul Schnell, App-DNA CTO.

“It is a natural fit for App-DNA to help enterprises determine the best fit path for their critical line of business applications through the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model. App-DNA is proud to partner with Citrix to help customers determine where to start with desktop transformation projects and how to manage their application portfolio going forward.”

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