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British Company Releases Oil/Gas/Deep Geothermal Software

Cornwall UK-based web and software development specialists, altcom Limited, will be launching its new Microseisgram software at the Society of Petroleum Engineer’s (SPE) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Florence, Italy on 18 September.

The company says that Microseisgram will help improve the process of global energy production, by providing a suite of tools for accurate analysis of microseismic data generated during oil, gas and deep geothermal production activities.

Over the past three years, altcom has developed its Microseisgram software with the support of a major U.S. oil company that has extensive interests in geothermal energy production.

The company did not specify whether its tools would be of particular use in terms of oil spill risk reduction, or whether it has worked with any other British petroleum and/or oil exploration projects in recent months.

"We are very excited by the launch of Microseisgram, as it is our first global software product. The fact that microseismic technology was developed in Cornwall back in the '90s makes this launch extremely important to us," said altcom director John Cowles. "We know that we can be market leaders and we are looking forward to meeting energy companies with an interest in improving the way they analyse and understand this important source of information."

Readers may be interested to know that Cornwall is the England's southernmost county edging out towards Ireland, the Atlantic and the United States. Cornwall's furthest Western tip is known as Land's End.

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