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Embarcadero Announces DB PowerStudio for Oracle

Embarcadero's latest update to its Oracle-focused developer toolset is released this week. DB PowerStudio is intended to streamline the development, administration, and optimization of Oracle databases and is available in a Developer Edition and a DBA Edition. The company says that DB PowerStudio for Oracle complements the basic capabilities within Oracle Enterprise Manager and offers tools that are more graphical than Oracle's own tools.

DB PowerStudio Developer Edition provides a new Rapid SQL tool, which is essentially an integrated development environment that simplifies SQL scripting, query building, object management, and version control in live databases or offline source code repositories.

It also includes a new DB Change Manager function, which tracks and reports on database changes, rolling out new releases and pinpointing the cause of performance problems stemming from changes in data, schema, and database configuration. It also allows test data to be masked to comply with privacy mandates.

There is also DB Optimizer, a graphical SQL performance optimization tool that allows users to discover, diagnose, and optimize poor-performing SQL with an interactive Visual SQL Tuner.

"Though Oracle has its own toolset, users have come to rely on third-party database tools like Embarcadero's because they provide better coverage of new and older databases and are known to boost IT staff productivity by at least 20 percent," said Scott Walz, senior director of product management for Embarcadero. "With DB PowerStudio for Oracle, database professionals get an enterprise-grade toolset that streamlines their day-to-day tasks, and provides database change management and SQL optimization and tuning capabilities."

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