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FairCom Announces c-treeAce Replication Agent

High-performance engineering-level database company FairCom has announced the c-treeACE Replication Agent, a real-time database synchronization technology designed to maintain physical and logical separate copies of a database.

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"Business challenges such as high-volume data and 'extreme dynamic' marketing campaigns have placed demands on the IT infrastructure to provide data at an outstanding pace," said Randal Hoff, FairCom's VP of engineering. "Customers need to have their data available anywhere — in real time — to provide information to stay competitive and keep ahead of the market."

Although FairCom says it has focused on offering replication technology to its market base for many years, the release of Replication Agent is the first of its Advanced Modules Series. This approach provides customers with optional add-ons to enhance the c-treeACE environment.

The c-treeACE Replication Agent uses very low bandwidth for sending updated data from one database server to another, while at the same time providing extremely low latency on such updates, achieving near real-time replication.

Also featured here, c-treeACE's replication support is built-in at the "low-level," so it is designed for high-speed and has minimal impact on the source server to extract the updated data.

The c-treeACE Replication Agent may be used to create parallel environments for maintenance purposes, such as backups or migration projects. Quiescing the replicated database for backup allows a non-stop production system to be constantly backed up with no impact on the live transactions. After backup, operation can be resumed, and the Replication Agent brings the replicated database up-to-date with the original database.

NOTE: Developers should note that the c-treeACE Replication Agent is useful for creating mass data for development and QA purposes.

"In large databases, developers are often forced to test their applications with subsets of the main production database due to limitations on timeframes for extractions and resources. With c-treeACE Replication Agent, developers are able to have their own replica of the live production data, allowing more effective tests and QA. This superior testing reduces the risk of errors due to lack of test data when going live with updates," said the company.

The Replication Agent runs invisibly in the background with little-to-no administrator intervention required. Easy to set up and manage, it comprises an administration utility and several test tools that help one operate and monitor one's replication environment.

Additional c-treeACE Replication Agent features include the ability to preserve costly CPU usage for main applications by offloading secondary applications from the main server. There is also a full and near-real time availability main production database, minimizing batch windows, extending time for backup operations, migration projects, and maintenance; plus allowance for offline development environments for tests, QA, and other "sandboxes" to use real data, avoiding costly extractions of data subsets.

FairCom c-treeACE Replication Agent is available now. In addition to properly licensing each of the c-treeACE servers involved in the replication environment, the Replication Agent itself must be licensed. Pricing is based off the retail price of the Source Server and the Target Server.

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