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Five Strategies for Preventing eDiscovery from Making Your Life Miserable: How IT Professionals Can Get Ahead of the Curve

Five Strategies for Preventing eDiscovery from Making Your Life Miserable: How IT Professionals Can Get Ahead of the Curve

Date / Time
Tuesday March 30, 2010
11 am PT / 2 pm ET
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1 hour

Presented By
Dr. Dobb's Webinar


As many IT professionals can attest to, eDiscovery doesn't only impact the legal group. Rather, usually IT staff bear the brunt of reactive, unplanned, "got to have it now" e-discovery efforts, often spending long weekends searching for documents. This webinar will talk discuss five strategies for getting ahead of the e-discovery curve. Often a little prevention up front can significantly reduce the effort and pain when e-discovery strikes.

Industry experts Mark Diamond from Contoural and Bill Tolson from Mimosa will discuss:

  • ESI Mapping - Preserving the right and only the right information
  • Defensible deletion strategies
  • How to create a litigation hold that makes discovery easier

Join us for a lively discussion.

Featured Speakers:

  • Mark Diamond — President & CEO, Contoural
  • Bill Tolson — Director of Legal & Regulatory Solutions Marketing, Mimosa Systems

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