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InterBase XE: Embarcadero's New DBMS

Embarcadero's newly launched InterBase XE database management system (DBMS) is the company's attempt position its technologies for use in the embedded device market and for deployment in small enterprise, desktop, and workgroup solutions.

Combining a multi-version architecture with a self-tuning engine, Embarcadero says that InterBase has already been tested in thousands of embedded applications around the world. The latest XE edition of the toolset now also enables real-time queries against transactional data, rapid application development and is said to provide enhanced transaction processing speed.

The company claims that a database developer can be up and developing with InterBase XE in less than an hour. Embarcadero also states that a businesses can "confidently" deploy those applications that are developed with this technology knowing they are secure, reliable, and scalable. InterBase XE can be deployed on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and now, the Amazon Cloud.

As well as new cloud deployment options, additional features now available with InterBase XE include improved developer productivity by virtue of new gateways to allow Dynamic SQL to be called from stored procedures and triggers. There is also improved data handling via InterBase XE's 64-bit architecture, which can address more memory and handle larger tables for improved scalability. Finally, there is also enhanced support for JDBC BLOB/CLOB.

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