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Mid-Market App Performance and End-User Experience Monitoring

Network management company Visual Network Systems has launched a new single-appliance solution for application performance and end-user experience monitoring. Visual Performance Manager (VPM) Xpress is described as offering the same enterprise service intelligence capabilities as the company's full VPM product, but in a platform appropriately scaled for mid-market IT organizations and departmental or regional data centers.

The company says that network engineers and application support teams require a cost-effective means of not only offering visibility into application performance, but also a channel that will allow them to correlate data from multiple sources, to show 'cause-and-effect' and help solve problems faster. VPM Xpress is presented as a quick and simple route generating actionable visibility into problem domain isolation and root cause to drive rapid mean time to repair.

The cause-and-effect analytics provided by VPM Xpress are made possible by IntelliTrace, a patented technology that provides users with 'peak to transaction to trace' analytics based on a particular application performance event or degradation in service delivery. The ability to understand how a problem directly affects the end user's experience at a given location and the cause of the issue is agued to shorten the time to resolution.

"VPM Xpress is designed specifically for the mid-market. We have included a comprehensive set of capabilities for managing applications and end-user experience based on our unique data correlation engine and IntelliTrace, but in an affordable package and easy to install configuration. Users can go from out-of-the-box to fully deployed in 30 minutes or less and benefit from the same power of our Visual Performance Manager to effectively deliver networked applications," said Lyn Cantor, senior vice president and general manager, Visual Network Systems.

IntelliTrace, together with a data correlation engine to process information from multiple sources, makes VPM Xpress an option for software engineers who need actionable information and summarized dashboard reporting to manage their application and network environment.

VPM Xpress features more than 93 pre-configured applications and Visual Network Systems suggests that this should enable engineers to get access to application performance, end-user experience and network performance data and reporting. The company also offers an upgrade path to scale the solution as the needs of the organization grow, if the business no longer finds itself in the mid-market space.

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