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New Version Control Option Inside SQL Database

Perforce has announced a new integration with SQL Source Control, Red Gate Software's tool for controlling SQL database schema and data from within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Billed as an industry first for developers, this development now means that programmers can opt for Perforce's version-control capabilities within the SQL database application development environment.

With this integration, developers can view the evolution of database objects and, once under version control, database assets can be fully integrated into modern development processes including continuous integration and issue tracking.

"Database development has always fallen behind application development in terms of source control," argues programmer-turned-product manager Michael Francis of Red Gate Software.

"With SQL Source Control, developers can connect an existing source control system, including Perforce, to SQL Server and bring all the benefits of working in a source controlled environment to database development. With an audit trail of who changed what, when, and why, database administrators will also be assured of quality before pushing changes up the development chain," added Francis.

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