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Oracle App Testing Suite 9.3 Arrives

Oracle has this week announced its Application Testing Suite 9.3 solution for web, SOA, and Oracle apps. This latest release is marked by the arrival of a test starter kit for Siebel CRM so that developers can get their hands on pre-built scripts for functional and load-testing analysis.

The new testing suite is designed to put applications through business-driven testing based on Capgemini Group's Test Management Approach (TMap). TMap is a risk-based approach for structured software testing that aims to help programmers manage and standardize test processes.

Oracle Application Testing Suite 9.3 offers diagnostics for Java applications and Oracle Database tiers — once again, these are functions designed to help users address critical performance issues during testing processes.

"Real-time application performance is an increasing requirement for customers across many industries as performance interruptions and delays can lead to lost business, productivity, and often revenue," said Richard Sarwal, Oracle senior vice president of product development. "Oracle continues to deliver new innovations in its Application Testing Suite that enable testers and QA managers to easily track and perform real-world testing and diagnostics on their applications to help ensure optimal performance."

Testers can use or modify scripts to test user flows — these testing templates were developed in conjunction with the Siebel development organization, resulting in the industry's most comprehensive testing templates.

Prebuilt integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostics Packs allows performance testers to see how Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database behave during load and performance tests using Oracle's built-in diagnostic instrumentation.

The new test-planning module allows QA Managers to manage test planning documents or templates related to their testing process and methodology. All documents and templates are stored and managed in Oracle Test Manager's database and are visible through a tree view for access to process descriptions, check lists, and links to test requirements. This new capability provides QA managers a better overview of processes, check lists, and potential risks that need to be addressed during a testing project.

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