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Quest Dives Into Apache Hive Honey Pot

Network management company Quest Software has this week declared its support for the Apache Hive data warehouse infrastructure in its two free NoSQL tools, Toad for Cloud Databases and OraOop. Other noteworthy enhancements also include Eclipse support in Toad for Cloud Databases and full support for Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) in OraOop.

Quest aims to position Toad for Cloud as a developer query tool that will allow programmers to migrate, browse, and edit non-relational data using a SQL interface. By providing this new interface to Hive, the company is hoping to capitalize upon what it judges to be "very strong adoption" of the Hive system in conjunction with Hadoop. Quest believes that the ability to store the output of Hive analytic queries in Oracle will benefit its customers by allowing them to integrate Hadoop data with traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions.

Additional NoSQL platforms already supported by Quest include Apache HBase, Amazon SimpleDB, Microsoft Azure Table Services, Microsoft SQL Azure, Apache Cassandra, and any ODBC-enabled relational database. The company says that more than 1,500 users, many working in Hadoop, have already downloaded its freeware to date.

In line with this announcement, Quest has also unveiled Hive support for OraOop, a connector for high-speed, scalable bi-directional data transfer between Oracle and Hadoop. Users can now export data to compressed Oracle tables and create Oracle tables based on the output of Hive HQL queries.

"The new release of the OraOop freeware download also leverages the full power of Oracle RAC clustered databases, allowing users to import or export from RAC to Hadoop. Users managing unstructured data with Hadoop often use it in conjunction with large Oracle RAC deployments, making the ability to efficiently move data between these two 'big data' solutions critical," said Billy Bosworth, VP and GM of enterprise database, Quest Software. “Working alongside a cutting-edge technology wave, we’re adding functionality and additional platform support for Toad for Cloud Databases and OraOop almost in tandem with new demands we see in the market."

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