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Jonathan Erickson

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Sun, MySQL Seal the Deal

February 25, 2008

It's a done deal. In what seems like record time for an acquisition of this magnitute -- under six weeks, but who's counting -- Sun and MySQL have sealed the deal and MySQL is now part of Sun Microsystems.

"This is the most important acquisition in Sun history, and the most important acquisition in the modern software industry," Schwartz said.

And he may be right.


 With a signature on a piece of paper (or two), Sun acquired more than 11 million more users worldwide, and MySQL founder Martin Mikos becamae a senior vice president at Sun, heading up a new Database group at Sun. Mikos and the Database group will report to executive vice president of Sun software Rich Green.

Here's what Green had to say about the Sun/MySQL deal.


Schwartz added we can expect more Sun acquisitions in the open source community, and pointed to last week's acquisition of innotek, an open source desktop PC virtualization tool, as an example.

"MySQL is the crown jewel of the open source marketplace," he said. "There's no higher-value company. Future acquisitions will be smaller, like innotek. Open source is in the DNA of Sun."

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