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Jolt Awards

1st Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards


Jolt Award: Annotated C++ Reference Manual, by Margaret Ellis and Bjarne Stroustrup (Addison-Wesley)

Productivity Award: The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design, edited by Brenda Laurel (Addison-Wesley)

Productivity Award: Programming Windows, 2nd Ed., by Charles Petzold (Microsoft Press)

Productivity Award: Turbo C++ DiskTutor, by Greg Voss and Paul Chui (Osborne McGraw-Hill)


Jolt Award: Windows 3.0 (Microsoft)

Productivity Award: DOS Protected-Mode Interface Standard (The DPMI Committee)

Productivity Award: DR DOS 5.0 (Digital Research)

Productivity Award: Open Desktop 1.0 (The Santa Cruz Operation)

Productivity Award: Architech Series 2.2 (Interactive Systems)

Productivity Award: User Interface Toolkit for BASIC Professional Development System 7.0 (Microsoft)

Productivity Award: Turbo Vision for Turbo Pascal 6.0 (Borland)

Productivity Award: ANSI C (ANSI X3J11 Technical Committee on the C Programming Language)


Jolt Award: Bounds-Checker 1.11 (Nu-Mega Technologies)

Productivity Award: AM/ST 3.3 (SoftPert Systems)

Productivity Award: CodeCheck 2.0 (Abraxas Software)

Productivity Award: Install 3.05 (Knowledge Dynamics)

Productivity Award: PC-Metric C++ 2.0 (SET Laboratories)

Productivity Award: Whitewater Resource Toolkit (Whitewater Group)

Productivity Award: Sage Professional Editor 1.1 (Sage Software)

Productivity Award: PC-lint 386 4.0 (Gimpel Software)

Design & Management Tools

Jolt Award: TeamWork 3.1 (Cadre Technologies)

Productivity Award: EasyCASE Professional 2.0 (Evergreen CASE Tools)

Productivity Award: TurboCASE 2.12 (StructSoft)


Jolt Award: NeXTstep Extended Edition 2.0 (NeXT Computer)

Productivity Award: MacApp 2.0 (Apple)

Productivity Award: Objectworks/Smalltalk 4.0 (ParcPlace Systems)

Productivity Award: Saber-C 3.0 (Saber Software)


Jolt Award: Zinc Interface Library 1.0 (Zinc Software)

Jolt Award: Spontaneous Assembly 2.0 (Base Two Development)

Jolt Award: Object Professional 1.0 (TurboPower Software)

Productivity Award: db_Vista III for Windows 3.0 (Raima)

Productivity Award: MacApp 2.0 Goodies Disks, Vol. 1 (MacApp Developers Association)

Productivity Award: Windows 3.0 Software Development Kit (Microsoft)

Languages and Development Environments

Jolt Award: Turbo C++ Professional 1.0 (Borland)

Jolt Award: Watcom C 8.0 (Watcom Systems)

Productivity Award: Microsoft C 6.0a (Microsoft)

Productivity Award: Actor 3.0 (The Whitewater Group)

Productivity Award: Glockenspiel C++ 2.0 (ImageSoft)

Productivity Award: Smalltalk/V PM 1.1 (Digitalk)

Productivity Award: ToolBook Software Construction Set 1.0 (Asymetrix)

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