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Jolt Awards

2006 Jolt Awards

Testing Tools

VMTN Subscription 2005
VMware (www.vmware.com)

VMware's Srinivas Krishnamurti

VMware's Srinivas Krishnamurti

Anyone not using virtual-machine technology in his or her test and development environments is at a serious disadvantage, especially now that VMware has thrown down the virtual-machine gauntlet to own the market. The company's free VMware Player and VMware Server make adopting its technology into a computing environment a no-risk decision. The VMware Technology Network Subscription ensures users that they are leveraging some of the best virtualization technology available today. As fellow Jolt judge Roland Racko noted, "VMware seems rock solid." Besides supplying subscribers with several of VMware's commercial applications (including ESX Server with Virtual SMP, Workstation and the Enterprise Edition of P2V Assistant), VMTN members also benefit from a full year of product updates and support making it an outstanding value for developers and testers alike.

—Mike Riley

Productivity Award Winners

Agitator 3.0
Agitar Software (www.agitar.com)

Last year's Jolt winner returns with new features that delight developers and testers. Some of the important new features are domain experts that simplify and improve testing for specific domains, such as working with Hibernate code for databases, and support for Java 5. Agitator makes it even easier to create your own factories for test data and create mock objects for your tests. It is the Rolls Royce of unit-testing tools.

—Gary Pollice

AQtime 4.7
AutomatedQA (automatedqa.com)

Looking for a first-class performance and memory profiler for Win32 and .NET applications? Look no further than AutomatedQA's AQTime—a complete and intuitive profiler that supports numerous types of profiling modes and profilable applications. Results are presented in clear, meaningful representations in a variety of formats. Running standalone or as a Visual Studio .NET plug-in, AQTime will become the daily companion for the performance-minded developer.

—David Dossot

Clover 1.3
Cenqua (www.cenqua.com)

Ask any developer or quality professional to list the top features they want in testing tools and their response is "coverage." Cenqua's Clover does coverage—and it does it well. Clover integrates with Eclipse, IDEA, NetBeans, JBuilder, and JDeveloper, making it easy to add code coverage testing to your everyday testing regimen. While it does not provide a solution to all of your testing needs, it does offer an excellent solution for gathering and disseminating code coverage information.

—Gary Pollice

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