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Jolt Awards

2nd Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards


Jolt Award: Object-Oriented Design with Applications, by Grady Booch (Benjamin Cummings)

Productivity Award: Advanced C++: Programming Styles and Idioms, by James Coplien (Addison-Wesley)

Productivity Award: Object-Oriented Modeling and Design, by James R. Rumbaugh, Michael R. Blaha, William Lorensen, Frederick Eddy, and William Premerlani (Prentice-Hall)

Productivity Award: Object Lifecycles: Modeling the World in States, by Sally Shlaer and Steve Mellor (Addison-Wesley)


Jolt Award: The Soap Opera (Apple, IBM, and Microsoft)

Productivity Award: Macintosh System 7.0 (Apple)


Jolt Award: PC-lint 5.0a (Gimpel Software)

Productivity Award: SQA:Manager 2.0 (Software Quality Automation)

Productivity Award: CASE:W Corporate Edition for C 3.12 (CaseWorks)

Productivity Award: WindowsMaker Pro 3.1 (Blue Sky Software)


Jolt Award: Poet 1.0 (BKS Software)

Productivity Award: Paradox Engine 2.0 (Borland)

Productivity Award: Menuet 2.0 (Autumn Hill Software)

Productivity Award: MicroHelp Muscle 1.52 (MicroHelp)

Productivity Award: 286 DOS-Extender 2.0 (Phar Lap Software)

Productivity Award: Async Professional 1.02 (TurboPower Software)

Productivity Award: Vermont Views 3.0 (Vermont Creative Software)

Languages and Development Environments

Jolt Award: Visual Basic 1.0 (Microsoft)

Jolt Award: Borland C++ 2.0 and Application Frameworks 3.0 (Borland)

Productivity Award: ObjectCenter 1.1 (CenterLine Software)

Productivity Award: JPI TopSpeed C++ 3.02 (JPI TopSpeed Consortium)

Productivity Award: FoxPro 2.0 (Fox Software)

Productivity Award: Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.0 (Borland)

Productivity Award: Acucobol 85 2.0.2 (Acucobol)

Productivity Award: Zortech C++ 3.0 (Symantec)

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