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Jolt Awards

8th Annual Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards

Languages and Development Environments

Jolt Award: Java JDK 1.1 (JavaSoft)

Productivity Award: Visual Cafe for Java, Database Development Edition (Symantec)

Productivity Award: C++Builder (Borland)

Productivity Award: JBuilder (Borland)


Jolt Award: DevPartner Studio (NuMega Technologies)

Productivity Award: Visual SlickEdit 3.0 (MicroEdge)

Productivity Award: InstallShield Professional 5.0 (InstallShield Software)

Productivity Award: SunTest Suite (Sun Microsystems)

Books and Computer-Based Training

Jolt Award: Object-Oriented Software Construction, Second Ed., by Bertrand Meyer (Prentice-Hall)

Productivity Award: The Deadline: A Novel about Project Management, by Tom DeMarco (Dorset House)

Productivity Award: UML Distilled, by Martin Fowler with Kendall Scott (Addison-Wesley)

Productivity Award: Building Object Applications that Work, by Scott Ambler (Cambridge University Press)

Design and Management Tools

Jolt Award: UML Spec 1.0+ (Rational Software)

Productivity Award: Visio Professional 5.0 (Visio)

Productivity Award: SPR KnowledgePLAN (Software Productivity Research)

Productivity Award: Genitor, Corporate Edition (Genitor)

Libraries, Frameworks, and Components

Jolt Award: San Francisco Project (IBM)

Productivity Award: Internet Appliance Toolkit (QNX Software Systems)

Productivity Award: Visual Components dbComplete (Sybase)

Productivity Award: Great Circle (Geodesic Systems)


Jolt Award: Naturally Speaking (Dragon Systems)

Productivity Award: RedHat Linux (Red Hat Software)

Hall of Fame

Visual Basic (Microsoft)

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