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Jolt Awards: The Best Testing Tools

, May 01, 2012 The Annual Award for Best Testing Products
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The Best of the Rest

As it is every year, several other meritorious nominees almost make it to the podium. These products are useful, important, and should be a part of any evaluation of testing tools for adoption by IT organizations.

SmartBear TestComplete

TestComplete is a Windows-oriented automated testing tool for creating and executing tests on Windows, rich clients (Flash and Java), and Web applications. Tests can be run either directly or via scripts, the latter of which can be in any of several languages (VBscript, JScript, etc.). It also provides special support for data-driven tests that are powered from text, Excel, or DBMS data sources.

Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio covers the widest range of testing in the passel of products in this article. It covers functional testing (mostly geared towards Web apps), performance testing, load testing, and mobile testing (the latter on iOS only). The suite is not cheap — each element is purchased separately — but put together, they provide one of the most comprehensive suites for testing available today. Telerik products have won Jolt Awards this year that recognize their quality, and these products continue that tradition.


Gorilla Logic's FoneMonkey (recently renamed MonkeyTalk) is the most thorough testing tool available for iPhones. It greatly expands Apple's minimal testing support by being able to script, capture, replay, and test all activity on an iPhone including access to screen elements not normally available to testing tools. It does this by deep intercept of actions and high-resolution recording of movements. Probably the premier tool for testing near-final apps on the iPhone.

Andrew Binstock

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