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Jolt Awards

Jolt Awards: The Categories


We're looking for leading edge books that delve deeply into new and innovative technical content that includes, but is not limited to: software languages, systems, hardware and coding styles, technologies, platforms, operating systems, modeling, architecture, source-code optimization and code-level security. We're also looking for general programming titles that include, but are not limited to, books on computer history, best practices, project management, developer or team efficiency, and socioeconomic, regulatory or career issues relating to software.

Change and Configuration Management

This category includes tools that track and manage software defects and enhancement requests as well as version control and change or configuration management.

Design and Modeling

Requirements gathering, modeling, prototyping, GUI design, analysis tools, including automatically generating code from models.

Development Environments

We're looking for the ultimate development environments for developers, including innovative programming languages, source code editors and integrated development environments (IDEs).

Enterprise Tools

Includes tools that help the enterprise developer run their applications across divisions, departments and enterprises more smoothly, efficiently, competitively and profitably. This category includes, but is not limited to, enterprise workflow and integration, portfolio management, SOA, ESB, EIS, lifecycle, trend analysis, and process optimization.

Libraries, Frameworks and Components

Whether you’re a single targeted component that is indispensable to build your application, or a multi-purpose library of methods or framework for components, you should be a vital ingredient in any developer's tool chest.

Mobile and Web Development

Tools and solutions for web-based and mobile and hand-held applications, including network management, application servers and infrastructure, and tools using open standards such as XML, SOAP and HTML.

Project Management

Tools and solutions for estimating, analyzing, scheduling and managing development projects, including collaboration tools. This category includes tools for tracking productivity metrics as well as groupware that facilitates communication and sharing of information to increase organizational efficiency, individual accountability, and managerial effectiveness. This category does not include tools that actually produce code and system artifacts.


Writing secure code is hard. Tools in this category give developers a helping hand and may include authentication and encryption, code analysis, firewalls, network monitoring, system enhancements, system monitoring and spam prevention.

Testing Tools

An essential part of a developer's tool chest and one size doesn't fit all. We're looking for test scripting, automation, static and defect tracking, bug tracking and documentation, functional and load testing, quality assurance planning, test-case design, white- and black-box testing and source code analysis.


This category includes the tools with which developers personalize their toolboxes, including: code optimizers and coding standards tools, build tools, platform and device emulators, code obfuscators, messaging solutions, help-authoring tools, product-demonstration tools and reverse-engineering tools, and others.

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