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Jolt Awards

Jolt Productivity Award #2: Change and Configuration Management Tools

AccuRev is a company well-known for its commitment to agile methodologies, and their AgileCycle Suite embodies their depth of expertise and understanding of how developers working on projects large or small need to effectively communicate and manage change.

AgileCycle combines Software Configuration Management (SCM), Agile Project Management (APM), and Build & Release Management within a single suite, facilitating the entire software lifecycle process from start to finish. What really impressed the Jolt judges about Accurev's solution was its comprehensive feature list (issue/merge/time tracking, project/program/requirements/test management, reporting, slick web interface, etc.), its "stream-based architecture" approach, and integrated SCM best practices that ensure adherence to agile practices while reaping the benefits that agile has to offer.

Rather than piece meal an agile ALM homegrown strategy, AccuRev provides the tools out of the box, aiding with successful adoption and execution of high quality, agile business practices in a variety of distributed software business project scenarios.

Congratulations, AccuRev, for creating a suite worthy of one of our Jolt Productivity Awards for Change and Configuration Management tools!

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