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Jolt Awards

The 13th Annual Software Development Jolt & Productivity Awards


Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect

Seth Adams, Business Manager for MSDN Subscriptions

While Visual Studio .NET as a whole snagged a Productivity Award in 2001, the 2002 Enterprise Architect edition was deemed Jolt-worthy by this year’s panel. The edition enhances the IDE that many judges feel is already the single best development environment today, providing full lifecycle support for enterprise development by leveraging Visio for UML design, project specification and database architecture. Round-trip capabilities enable developers to dynamically design, build and test prototypes in a remarkably short time frame. In addition, it comes with templates that provide best practices and specify development policy. Add to these extensive support for XML, Microsoft’s new .NET languages—as well as compatibility with traditional programming languages—and you have a tool that enables enterprise developers to be productive in more ways than any we’ve seen in a long time.

—Andrew Binstock

Macromedia ColdFusion MX

ColdFusion MX is an outstanding classic, totally rewritten in Java. The advantage? You can build your Web application in record time. This time around, Macromedia has enhanced ease-of-use by allowing complex procedural control flow in tags so developers can include logic in HTML pages without having to dip into Perl or Java. New components include full text search, charting, and remote Flash—but you can also write your own powerful objects, taking advantage of support for inheritance and state. ColdFusion will automatically generate the supporting WSDL for those components, underlining Macromedia’s commitment to making life simpler for the developer.

—Roland Racko

SQL Anywhere Studio

SQL Anywhere Studio 8.0.2 is a comprehensive package that provides data management and enterprise-wide synchronization. What’s impressive about this product? It coordinates data from most of the devices we see in the enterprise: desktops, laptops, mobile and embedded; and supports most operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Novell and handheld platforms. Regardless of connection or application type, SQL Anywhere Studio ensures “always available” access to data and corporate applications. Offline operation is enabled through data synchronization and fully transactional local data management. Adaptive Server Anywhere is a small-footprint mobile and embedded DBMS optimized for use on workgroup servers, laptops and handheld devices, supporting both single-user and multi-user implementations. Support for OLE DB, ODBC, JDBC, Sybase OpenClient and Embedded SQL is available. 2000 Productivity Award winner.

—Sue Spielman

IBM WebSphere Studio

IBM WebSphere 5 has all the Web application tools and technologies you need in one customizable environment to develop a modern Web application, complete with tutorials and “cheat sheets.” The cheat sheets help navigate through the builders, editors and wizards required to build an application.

WebSphere tools can be divided into Java, Web and miscellaneous categories. The Java tools include a J2EE set that helps package J2EE and Web modules into Enterprise Application Archive (EAR) files. WebSphere also offers tools for EJB development, Java coding and Java profiling.

The Web tools work with HTML, CSS, JSP, servlets, Web services, XML schemas, DTDs and XSLT scripts. The miscellaneous category includes a Web server configuration tool and a database tool that creates and edits DB entities. 2000 Productivity Award winner.

—Hugh Bawtree

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