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AccuRev Continuous Integration Plug-In For Jenkins

AccuRev has announced the availability of a plug-in for the Jenkins open source continuous integration tool. The firm wants developers to use both its own "Streams" technology and Jenkins' build tools, concurrently.

The goal here is to enhance continuous integration automation strategies, expand what the company refers to as "pipeline capabilities", and streamline the software development process.

The new plug-in integrates with AccuRev 5.7 and 6.x versions. This plug-in expands connectivity options to the AccuRev server by using port and host settings and provides in-line help for server, depot, and stream options.

Larry Ayres, vice president of engineering at AccuRev, explains that the plug-in identifies timeouts and ensures logins are established prior to running AccuRev commands.

"[It] supplies users with a list of depots populated during job configuration, operates plug-ins using reference tree structures, and displays directory listings when populating build structures."

The AccuRev Plug-In for Jenkins is available for download immediately from the Jenkins open source community.

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