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An Open Road to Web App Performance Management

Coradiant has expanded the scope of its web performance management capabilities with a new program called Open Application Visibility Architecture. Under this new approach, customers can now purchase Coradiant TrueSight Application Visibility Connector integrated with reseller partner dynaTrace Software's Continuous APM system.

The combined technologies will, according to Coradiant, provide data and console integration between its own platform and a range of back-end capabilities into one web application performance management solution.

"We pioneered our open end-to-end approach and are now extending this methodology with the ability to drill down into the application and discover the root cause of issues affecting it to provide the most fitting solution for customers' web application performance management needs," said Ali Hedayati, president and chief operating officer, Coradiant.

While organizations today rely heavily on web applications to drive their business model and increase revenue opportunities, the need for increased visibility into web application performance from the end-user perspective also increases. Coradiant suggests that this naturally leads companies to need an integrated solution that provides visibility from the end user's browser to applications running in the data center or cloud infrastructure -- and that only by creating the ability to monitor, quantify the impact of, and quickly diagnose application performance issues in real time can modern business remain competitive.

Coradiant says that its customers now have the flexibility of coupling its own front-end technology with a choice of back-end solutions to meet unique business needs.

"Managing the performance of complex Web applications requires a best of breed approach," said Bernd Harzog, an analyst with The Virtualization Practice. "Traditional monolithic approaches to performance management are no longer sufficient with the adoption of cloud application delivery, virtualization platforms, and mixed Java, .NET and mainframe application environments. A seamless management architecture allowing IT to pick the right solution for their specific needs is the best approach for monitoring the use of critical business applications."

Under Coradiant's technology proposition, customers can now take advantage of best of breed end user and application visibility solutions without compromising on the desire to have a unified solution. Organizations can deploy end-to-end solutions that provide visibility into the end-user experience with business-critical applications on the front end, while gleaning performance visibility on the back end, or inside the application stack.

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