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Black Duck Flaps A Fast Flight To Android

Accelerated software development company Black Duck Software is beating a fast path towards the Android mobile development platform with a bundled software and services offering designed to help developers automate and ensure compliance and simplify the operational challenges of managing Android projects. Android Fast Start is built on a customized version of the Black Duck Suite preconfigured with Android to address change-management issues and automate legal and compliance-related obligations.

Black Duck says that Android Fast Start can save months of ramp-up time, provides timely updates for future Android releases, and enables developers to ship with confidence that they are in accordance with compliance considerations.

"Android has rapidly become a leading platform for mobile innovation by offering developers rich, varied, and flexible components. Innovation is made possible by rapid enhancements and significant releases, which require management and control," said Bill McQuaide, EVP of products and strategy, Black Duck Software. "We believe Android Fast Start is an essential tool for developers in the Android device ecosystem who want to ramp up quickly while reducing the operational and compliance challenges related to developing for this platform."

Purported benefits of Android Fast Start include the option to instantly implement an "out of the box" management and compliance platform, prepopulated with Android, saving (according to Black Duck) what could be months of ramp-up time. The product has been built to assimilate changes in frequent releases of Android occurring roughly every three months, so it may be more future-proofed than other offerings in this space. It also claims to increase the efficiency of supply-chain logistics by providing ecosystem partners with detailed reports on the composition of Android-based software.

Black Duck points out that Android is a complex open source project made up of more than 165 components, 80,000 files, and 2 GB of code under 19 different licenses. As this code base evolves rapidly, with many developers and companies contributing on a regular basis, Android Fast Start will aim to provide visibility and control of Android. If this proposition is all realized in practice, then developers can potentially focus their resources on adding value to the Android stack and ship their products with confidence.

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