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Bridging Git Over Open Source and Commercial

Management software company AccuRev has released its Kando enterprise security and compliance platform for Git. Positioned as the first Git integration to bridge both the open source and commercial realms of configuration management, Kando's leading features point towards security and traceability within its wider AccuRev SCM offering.

Kando now adds workflow functionality, issue tracking, and "change of requirements" tooling to its core functions. Developers already comfortable with the Git environment will be able to use Kando to help comply with corporate regulations such as the need to provide full audit trails and traceability data. Secure Git repositories with access control capabilities are also provided along with support for enterprise authentication via LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.

"Our vision is to advance Git's exceptional version control performance and capabilities in large development teams. We do that by providing transparent integration of Git with AccuRev's proven security and process compliance capabilities," said Lorne Cooper, AccuRev's CEO. "With Kando, we see the opportunity to unleash Git in enterprise software development organizations that need to optimize their development process."

Other features include options to:

  • Visualize and manage development processes that use Git in AccuRev's StreamBrowser environment
  • Support Software Change and Configuration Management (SCCM) through change-based development with AccuRev Change Packages

"We've seen a recent push towards open source tools in the software development space, primarily because of the low cost of acquisition and developer preferences," said Gartner analyst David Norton. "While these tools provide capable functionality for smaller and medium-sized teams, they are often unable to meet the needs of larger enterprises and complex software development environments without further customization and scripting. An alternative solution to this problem that we have seen in the last year is combining these open source tools with commercial solutions to meet specific organizations software development and ALM requirements."

An important part of the Kando product development process, says AccuRev, was the establishment of a Kando Technical Advisory Board, comprised of representatives from several enterprise organizations with Git environments.

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