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Collabnet Releases Tools for Agile Development

CollabNet has introduced three new tools that, together with the recently released CollabNet TeamForge to ScrumWorks Pro integration, promise flexibility for organizations seeking to adopt Agile software development methods. The offerings include the immediate availability of:

  • CollabNet TeamForge 5.4
  • TeamForge SCM licensing option
  • CollabNet Subversion Edge 1.1 general availability release

CollabNet TeamForge is a requirements-through-release ALM solution that is optimized for Agile teams and continuous integration. New features in version 5.4 include:

  • Dynamic Planning improvements, such as drag-and-drop sequencing of backlog items and direct links between planning folders and file releases.
  • Personalization enhancements, enabling users to manipulate data in ways that best suit their needs and to save their settings as their default view.
  • Reporting enhancements, such as the ability to embed dynamic charts directly within project pages, making it easier to see release status at-a-glance

New TeamForge SCM licensing provides the collaboration, enterprise-wide governance, and centralized management capabilities of TeamForge to organizations that use Subversion for source code management. For organizations that do not require artifact tracking, task management, and document sharing capabilities, the TeamForge SCM option cost-effectively scales Subversion to the enterprise, adding centralized role-based access control (RBAC), project workspaces, tools such as wikis and discussion forums, and the secure delegation of repository administration to project teams. Automatic discovery of CollabNet Subversion Edge servers to find, integrate, and administer existing Subversion repositories across the enterprise. Customers can choose the new SCM licensing option or the previously available full ALM licensing option on a per-user basis. SCM licenses are easily upgradeable to ALM licenses, with no new software installation required.

After a beta program, CollabNet Subversion Edge is now in its first general availability release as a free, open source download. Subversion Edge is a certified stack that combines Subversion, the Apache Web server, and ViewVC with a Web-based management interface that simplifies installation, administration, use, and governance of the entire software stack. Subversion Edge's auto-update feature simplifies ongoing administration of Subversion, ensuring that all components stay current and compatible.

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