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Digital Reasoning, Riptano Partner Up On Cassandra Open Source Database

Digital Reasoning, a data analytics company, and Riptano, the company providing support for the Apache Cassandra open source distributed database management system, have announced a partnership to advance the deployment of cloud-scale analytics solutions.

As a high-performance open-source database, Cassandra is used by Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Cisco and many others commercial players. Ripanto says that the increasing demand for actionable intelligence from unstructured data requires innovative solutions to make timely, accurate judgments on large quantities of information.

"For developers, one of the immediate benefits from the partnership is the release of new open-source software, PyStratus. Digital Reasoning developed PyStratus to run Cassandra in the cloud and released it today. Developers can download the software and quickly get Cassandra running on Amazon EC2. We're excited about the partnership because it saves developer's time and illustrates how a variety of organizations look to the NoSQL movement and find Cassandra the logical choice," said Riptano's Devin Knighton.

Asserting that the ability to distribute analytical capabilities is changing how information is used, the companies reason that their new union will help to promote and simplify the evolution to cloud-scale analytic intelligence solutions.

Digital Reasoning's flagship product Synthesys is deployed over the largest Cassandra instance in the government intelligence infrastructure. Riptano and Digital Reasoning are therefore working to promote both commercial and governmental level Cassandra solutions and will be involved in the analytic and data storage layers of a 400-node Cassandra architecture. The database itself is in fact designed to allow for the analysis of hundreds of millions of intelligence documents.

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