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Document Foundation Reaches LibreOffice RC2

New Years open-source-centric resolutions can now take advantage of the recently announced second "release candidate" of the Document Foundation's community developed fork of the OpenOffice productivity application suite, LibreOffice.

Detailed on the Foundation's official blog, the developers behind this iteration have called upon the user community to play with the product with a view toward providing the feedback needed to take it further forward.

According to the Document Foundation, "This release comes with lots of improvements and bug fixes and a very substantial reduction in size for the Windows installer. As usual, be warned that this is beta quality software — nevertheless, we ask you to play with it — we very much welcome your feedback and testing!"

Over 80 individual software engineers have apparently contributed to the current development stream to take LibreOffice from third beta to the current source code release candidate for Windows, Linux, and MacOS X.

The latest version includes merges of "cherry-picked" changes from OpenOffice, some welcome performance improvements, an updated set of translations, corrected URLs, and improvements to the overall build process.

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