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Free and Open Source Cloud Tools Proliferate

It has been a good week for open source cloud tools. Predictive analytics leader RapidMiner announced the introductory release of RapidMiner Cloud to make analytics more convenient as it allows users to store, manage, and deploy analytics in the cloud, with the ease of a single button. Then cloud API integration and aggregation service, Cloud Elements announced the launch of Filebrowser.io, a free, open source, cloud file browser.

Looking at the second of these two announcements, the JavaScript library connects to the leading cloud document services including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Developers can integrate the open source library into their application, allowing users to access cloud storage services without leaving the application.

Filebrowser.io connects to these services through the Cloud Elements Documents Hub API.

"In the API economy, the value of the application lies in the API services and user interfaces are a means to assist developers in building their applications faster," said Mark Geene, CEO and cofounder of Cloud Elements. "This hybrid business model is the natural evolution of what is happening with software. As the new breed of iPaaS, Cloud Elements has focused on making developers more productive in building applications that easily connect with lots of other cloud services and therefore, we will be offering all of our UIs for free and open source."

With the release of Filebrowser.io, Cloud Elements offers user interfaces for free (as open source), while only charging for the use of advanced API services. Cloud Elements insists that it is the first iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service) to make its user interfaces available through open source licenses, providing developers with flexibility in tailoring the user experience within their applications.

The company believes the future of integration is enabling developers to build and deliver "Cooperative Apps", apps that connect seamlessly with other leading cloud services.

The open source code allows developers to use the UI directly in their application, saving the time and cost of custom development by streamlining the use of the Cloud Elements APIs.

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