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FuseSource Integrates Integration Reserves

Open source integration company FuseSource has built a new online subscription center targeted at enterprise software developers and architects. The portal itself is populated with access to tools, review documentation, options to download source code for FuseSource solutions, and forums to interact with fellow developers and enroll in training.

FuseSource claims to employ more active committers and founders of Apache Software Foundation integration and messaging projects than any other company. The firm's raison d'être is to "enable systems and applications to work together" effectively. Subscriptions to the company's distributions aim to provide service-level agreements and support for an entire project lifecycle.

New services include the option to request an architectural review or technical support with downloads of hot fixes and service packs. There are also links that enable subscribers to obtain tooling such as the Fuse IDE — a graphical, Eclipse-based application for drag-and-drop mediation components and trouble shooting — and Fuse HQ, an SOA management and monitoring system.

Subscribers can also access the policies and procedures for making the most of FuseSource's integration and messaging expertise and influence, including a process for requesting product enhancements or assistance with bugs.

"As the modern enterprise evolves, software developers and architects are under immense pressure to do more with existing IT infrastructure," said Rob Davies, CTO of FuseSource. and cofounder of Apache Software Foundation projects ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, and Camel.

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