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Graphical Performance Tool for MySQL Released

Polaricon has released Jet Profiler for MySQL, its graphical profiling software for the MySQL database server. The software monitors MySQL databases and provides detailed load information in real-time. It is platform neutral, works on virtually all MySQL versions and is available both as a free version and a professional version.

Jet Profiler for MySQL provides detailed information about the heaviest sql queries and users. In addition, it displays replication, network and I/O statistics as well as information about table usage, slow queries and lock contention. Through a graphical interface, users can browse through profiling information very easily and zoom in on problem areas, such as spikes in load. This lets developers and database administrators quickly identify and fix performance problems in their applications.

"We expect a lot of developers will be interested in this tool," says Bjorn Melinder, founder of Polaricon. "Most existing tools are hard to learn, text-based or expensive. We provide a new alternative that is both efficient, inexpensive and easy-to-use."

Polaricon AB provides diagnostics and performance tools for the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/other).

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