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New FPGA-based Reconfigurable I/O and FPGA Development System

Opal-RT Technologies, a developer of open Real-Time Simulators (RTS) and HIL testing systems for electrical, mechanical, and fast-switching power electronic systems, today introduced new additions to the company's OP5000 family of FPGA-based I/O and signal conditioning hardware.

These new products include:

  • OP5142 Reconfigurable FPGA-based I/O Controller, powered by the Xilinx SPARTAN-3 FPGA processor
  • RT-XSG, toolbox for generating custom models for implementation on FPGA devices
  • RT-LAB FPGA Development System

The launch of these high-performance FPGA development products coincides with the introduction of RT-LAB 10, the latest version of the core technology behind the company's flagship Real-Time Simulator products including eDRIVEsim, eMEGAsim, eFLYsim and the TestDrive ECU Tester.

RT-XSG, an important component of the RT-LAB FPGA Development System, enables engineers to generate custom, application-specific models that can be implemented onto an FPGA device. Signal conditioning and conversion modules are also available that enable the custom model to be used for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation.

One of the key features of RT-XSG is its full integration with RT-LAB and MATLAB/Simulink through a very fast PCI Express 2.5 Gbit/s bidirectional communication link. Models with multiple subsystems can be executed on multiple Intel/AMD processor cores with time-steps as low as 7 microseconds, while subsystems can be executed on the FPGA devices at a time-step of 250 nanoseconds and can interface with fast I/O converters that are implemented using Simulink, Real-Time Workshop, and Xilinx System Generator.

In addition, standard and user-developed functions can be stored on on-board Flash memory for instant start-up. RT-LAB-compatible platforms can be remotely configured using a network-based utility. Additionally, all RT-XSG supported standalone products are configurable on-the-fly using a JTAG connection and the device vendor programming software.

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