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Open (Source) Season For Black Duck 6.0 Hunting

Open source software company Black Duck has released Export 6.0, a component of the full Black Duck automated code management suite. The new enhancement includes expanded functionality using Rapid ID code identification technology as well as an enhanced encryption bill of materials.

Due to the inclusion of Rapid ID, Black Duck explains that Export 6.0 enables developers and export managers to "teach" code IDs to the suite, thus (in theory) speeding the encryption analysis process to discover undetected encryption algorithms. Rapid ID speeds the analysis process by allowing development teams to automatically recognize and identify files with encryption algorithms.

NOTE: The company says that more than 20,000 open source projects include encryption algorithms strong enough to require filing with the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) if the code is exported from the United States.

"Open source encourages and simplifies software reuse, which saves development cycles and speeds time-to-solution," said Bill McQuaide, executive VP at Black Duck Software. "However, companies may be unaware of encryption technology in their software products, especially in third-party and OSS code. Black Duck Export 6.0 provides new tools to detect encryption algorithms, enabling companies to easily and quickly comply with software export regulations."

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