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May 22, 2008

There's been a lot of good stuff posted this week, including in part the following list. Just in case you missed it the first time around.

Programming 2.0

I'm a sucker for anything that's 2.0, while still wondering when 3.0 is going to happen. In this post, Joe Neely ponders what's driving the bus when it comes to today's dynamic programming languages.

Video: How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People

We've all worked around poisonous people who seem to have their own agenda and take the fun out of work. Thanks to Ketan Mehta for pointing us to this video in which Ben and Brian from the Subversion community examine the human side of an open source development process.

Technologies Are Poor Investments

Maybe so, but I'd like to think that "technologists" are a good investment. Frank Hileman shares his list of ideas that have made programming simpler, at least in his career.

Pipe Dream?

Okay, if you liked Frank's list, you'll love his response to Mark Nelson's comment, particularly when it comes to automated proofs.

Should You Use Type Inference in C# (var)?

Well, in a round-about way, this post ought to make CodeTalk Guru Walter Bright happy, if no one else. In responding to Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz's post on var, Daniel Story commented that he's excited about the auto and var keywords. Which led Arnon to suggest that Daniel check out the Walter's D programming language, instead of waiting around for C++Ox.

Google Treasure Hunt

Mark Nelson started a wildfire (okay, a bunch of comments) with his report that Google has launched its 2008 Treasure Hunt, a four-part series of short puzzles. One thing about Mark -- the man knows his puzzles, along with a clever Python coding trick (at least according to Daniel).

Effective Use of Programming Writers

So Christopher Diggins' current gig is as a programming writer for Microsoft, although "many people in other organizations aren't aware that such a role exists." But a good programming writer can be a valuable team member, as Christopher points out here. I was once a programming writer too. The difference between Christopher and me in this case, is that Christopher knows what he's talking about.

How to Choose an E-commerce Product: Parts I and II

Ramesh Kurikayar raises a lot of interesting -- and useful -- points in his two-part Forum post on e-commerce tools.

The Evolution of FORTH, an Unusual Language

In this classic 1980 article from BYTE magazine, Forth-inventor Chuck Moore talks about the hows and whys of creating a language like Forth -- the principles and goals of language design, in other words. Chuck is a giant.  Don't miss this.





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