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Red Hat Launches Network Satellite 5.4

Red Hat's open source solutions portfolio has this week been augmented with the release of Red Hat Network Satellite 5.4, the latest version of the company's on-premise systems management solution. The updated product is defined as a route to providing software updates, configuration management, provisioning and monitoring across physical and virtual Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers.

In developing Network Satellite 5.4, Red Hat has aimed to improve compliance improvements and also work to make content management tasks more flexible. The new product purportedly also provides support for managing the newly released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 operating platform.

Red Hat has positioned Network Satellite as a systems management platform that enables IT organizations to manage operating system lifecycle tasks, such as making sure that systems are properly secured and standards compliant. Compared to other commercial solutions, Red Hat claims that its latest technology is less complex and costly to implement, and (compared to home-grown solutions) it more closely follows best practice guidance.

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