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SDForum's Global Open Source Colloquium

SDForum's annual Global Open Source Colloquium will be held on March 23rd at the Swissnex Annex in San Francisco. Attendees will learn through global case studies about the latest trends in open source software, including more flexible licensing models, new cost benefits, greater access to source code and other emerging developments.

This year's keynote address will be given by industry luminary Larry Augustin, who is a longtime angel investor and advisor for early stage technology companies and currently serves on the boards of directors for Appcelerator, Compiere, DeviceVM, DotNetNuke, Fonality, Hyperic, Medsphere, Pentaho and SugarCRM.

"Despite the downturn, open source continues to flourish," said Augustin. "As budgets have constricted open source usage has surged. Downloads of open source enterprise software are up over 40 percent from a year ago. Whether users are seeking more cost effective solutions, more flexibility or more reliable software, open source continues to make significant inroads across the board. At SDForum's annual Global Open Source Colloquium we will explore this and other trends in open source."

Other speakers at the event include Andrew Aitken, Olliance; Adam Blum, Rhomobile; Andrew Braccia, Accel Partners; Michael Doyle, Medsphere; Tim Guleri, Sierra Ventures; Lin Lee, Sun Microsystems; Arnaud LeHors, IBM; Mark Radcliffe, DLA Piper; Sam Ramji, Microsoft; Jack Repenning, CollabNet; Robert Theis, Scale Venture Partners; and Mikko Valimaki, Helsinki University of Technology.

SDForum is a nonprofit institution dedicated to educating and creating relationships within the technology community, and providing insight on emerging technology trends and best business practices through events, specialized services and resources.

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