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SugarCRM Announces SugarCon 2011

Sugar CRM is taking its open source customer relationship management (CRM) message on the road this year by holding its SugarCon 2011 developer and customer event from April 4-6 in the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

Staged around a tagline proposing that "The Future of Business is Open," the conference will feature keynotes, tracks, and sessions with practical advice on how attendees can leverage open source CRM technologies to take advantage of today's most prominent technology trends (cloud computing, social networking, and mobile solutions).

"SugarCon 2011 will bring together not only SugarCRM customers, developers, and partners, but will also be a destination for anyone seeking open, flexible business solutions," said Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM. "Be it mobile solutions, social media tools, or traditional business optimization tools — SugarCon embodies the confluence of next-generation business technology ideas. We are excited to welcome participants from every corner of the globe."

Highlights of SugarCon are slated to include keynotes on the future of CRM, open source, and cloud computing; breakout tracks covering best practices for succeeding with CRM; technical and developer sessions on how to get the most out of open source and cloud technologies; and a "Developer Zone" focused on showcasing the work and energy of the SugarCRM developer network.

Deadline for speaker submissions is January 31, 2011 — a draft agenda is already available here.

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